Claim your 2.0 Quick Start HMO On Demand video training from Simon Zutshi
This 60-minute online HMO training is normally £197, but right now you can access it free of charge, as a thank you for watching my videos about Houses of Multiple Occupation (otherwise known as HMOs) 

Would you like more monthly cash flow from your property portfolio?

How much do you actually make from your property, each month after all of the expenses?

Recently I was speaking to one of my Virtual Property Mastermind students, and he shared with me that the one rental property only makes him about £75 per month.

Based on this, he could not see how he could possibly replace his income unless he had a portfolio of about 50 properties. Most people are not going to acquire that many properties in a lifetime.

However, there is a way to massively increase the cash flow from your property portfolio using HMOs.
HMOs are the fastest way to replace your salary with property cash flow.

HMOs are the best way to invest in property with other people's money because the higher cash flow means you can give them better returns.

HMOs are a more advanced strategy than single lets, which makes it easier to invest with other people's money.

Here's how you will benefit by watching the On Demand training: 
  • ​You will learn what you need to know to get started with this highly profitable HMO strategy 
  • ​Overcome the fear of making expensive mistakes and have confidence to move forward 
  • ​Understand which HMO strategy is best for you 
  • ​Have a clear action plan of what to do next 
Simon Zutshi will answer these frequently asked questions about HMO's: 
  • ​What is an HMO property? 
  • ​How does HMO work? 
  • ​What makes a good HMO? 
  • ​Who lives in an HMO? 
  • ​Does my property require an HMO license? 
  • ​How much is an HMO license? 
  • ​Do HMO's need fire risk assessments? 
  • ​What are the HMO fire safety requirements? 
  • ​HMO bedroom size requirements? 
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